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In this tutorial we're going to show youhow to create AG 702 application forpayment in G 703 continuation sheetusing the template provided by CMS whichcan be found at WWE actor for net thisis a an excel based program that allowsa user to enter data into an excel basedprogram and print out the forms on yourown computer you can also save the formsdirectly to your computer and you cansave it as many times as you like personmany projects as you like what we'regoing to be covering in this tutorial ishow to create your first pay applicationhow to add change orders how to buildfor stored material using our variableretainage function and also addingadditional continuation sheet pages toyour to your print area alright so let'sjump right in or just some some newfeatures on the form we added aapplication for payment worksheet tab atthe top of your Excel ribbon on here youcan find helpful buttons for creatingyour first your new pay apps or creatingsubsequent payouts and also some otherhelpful buttons just for switching backand forth between the two forms I'lljust show zeros and hide zeros buttonand also some general instructions hereand if you can switch back and forthbetween the 702 and the 7 or 3 timeshere you can just gives you generalinformation on how to fill the form outthe print entire workbook will print theG 702 and the G 703 just with one clickhere it will go straight your defaultprinter always advise is to check yourprint preview before hitting the printbutton just to make sure it looks likewhat you what you want it to look likeand then over here we have a create newpay application button we have a createnext pay app andmoving column F materials presentlystored to column D in this tutorialwe're just focusing on creating a newpayout we will have a second tutorial onhow to create a subsequent g7 or to payapplication or we will use this featurehere and and we'll also use the movecolumn F materials button as well it'ssome general information on how to usethe form the yellow cells is for userinput the gray cells have formulas andthey're protected so let's get rightinto it and let's start by firstclicking the new pay application buttonbefore I click it you can see up tophere that we are in the application forpayment continuation sheet feed 28.2this is the master template so you'llopen up your master template which is aclean form and if you're are creating itfor a new job the first the very firstthing you want to do is click create newpay application what this will do is itsfirst going to ask you where you want tosave the new form so it's going tocreate a new form and and ask you whereto save it so we will call this firstlet's create a new folder I always liketo put it in a job specific folder sowe'll call this the Davis project andwithin that project folder create apayout folder all right and then comedown here and you can name this...